Our mission is to help meet our youth where they are and help them connect faith and life through the building of relationships and expositional teaching of the scriptures. 

Beaux and Debs for Christ Program

The purpose of the Debutantes and Beaux for Christ Program is to provide a spiritual avenue by which the young men and women of Mt. Hebron may grow in the knowledge of God and what it means to be a Christian.

Summer Arts & Athletic Camp

To instill biblical principle of teamwork using artistic performance and athletic competition. Enhance the participant’s natural ability using arts and athletics. To empower youth with leadership skills through adult mentor-ship using arts and athletics.

Higher Mountains Mentoring Program

Higher Mountains is a ministry of Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church who’s target population is children/adolescents that need additional positive Christian adult influences in their lives. The ministry is especially but not exclusively dedicated to nurture, motivate, teach, and mentor children/adolescents that even at an early age, show signs of crisis.

Stoney Creek Ranch

Our mission is to serve young people in ways that will allow them to come to know Christ, His role in their lives and to develop an authentic personal relationship with Him through the use of our facilities, financial resources and dedicated staff and volunteers. Click here to register and pay for camp.